It all started with two friends/coworkers. Both girls had an admiration for the other’s style, each a little different but blended in a unique way that stirred a passion to share their ideas with everyone. What began as a big dream soon became a reality when they decided to take a chance and start Lou Rose. These ideas needed a meaningful calling card, something befitting of the passion and care they wanted to show their customers. “Lou” was the middle name of Hope’s beloved aunt who passed away in early 2018, a woman who was near and dear to her heart and whose name she wanted to live on beside her. “Rose” is the middle name of Lindsay’s daughter, a little girl whose beauty and laughter inspires the best from her.

After months of planning, things started to fall into place for Lou Rose. Now, the doors are open and the journey can begin! You are invited to an outlet that delivers a luxe style that is laid-back and effortless. Each item is thoughtfully selected with these characteristics in mind to keep the boutique’s style complimentary as a whole. 


Hope & Lindsay